King Computer Arm Rest

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The King Computer Arm Rest


The King Computer Arm Rest supports the wrists and forearms while diminishing pain and soreness  in the neck and shoulders.


 Dr David Rempel, a renowned ergonomist  studied the causes of pain associated with computer use  and concluded “providing support for the forearms  is an efficient  way to reduce musculoskeletal  pain of the neck and shoulders  “ Dr. Rempel also concluded  that it is in the best interest of the employer  to provide forearm supports and training to it's employees ,"


The King Arm Rest provides support the user during  keyboard and mouse input. .The arm support  itself is made of  a comfortable foam with a lycra cover. There are no tools required to install  the arm rest  as it clamps to the desk.


The King  Arm Rest measures 28 inches wide by 11 inches deep


The King Computer Arm Rest should be used on desks that are flat on the under side of the desk