A few nice things our customers have said…

The King keyboard tray is one of those things that works so well, you would totally forget it was there if you didn’t love it so much.

Over the past ten years, between directing a mission to Haiti, editing photos for my photography business and now as web editor for a regional electric co-op, I practically live at my computer – so good ergonomics are not optional. The King not only puts your keyboard at whatever angle or height you need, it does it so easily. You can literally adjust it in a second or two.

When I recently started a new job, my manager offered to get whatever I needed to set up my new office – the first thing I requested was a King keyboard tray.

Scott Mandl

I appreciate how sturdy The King keyboard tray is. I was hesitant to purchase because it was replacing a very un-sturdy keyboard tray of the same fundamental design (and price range) with the rail system. The difference appears to be in the attention to design, quality of materials and manufacturing tolerances.

Robert J. Ross

It is very nice. I really like how sturdy it feels. The adjustments are very easy to make. It already seems to be helping my Tennis Elbow.

Glenn D.

I have a huge workspace, but still like my keyboard off my desktop. I love the versatility and adjustability of The King.

Chris Forga

The computer space in my house is on an old table I made a couple of years ago. I have been writing a children’s book and doing a lot of illustration work. The body has been feeling time spent behind the screen. I began a search for a great tool. The focus of your site is what sold me. The King is big, sturdy and easy to use. Great tool.

Joey Leavitt

I’ve used many different keyboard trays over the years and I have to say that this is far and away the very best!

Dwight Mossman

Thanks for your great service including detailed, easy-to-use Web site, superfast shipping, and follow-up e-mail. The product is great and just what I needed!

Laura DiMascio