Keyboard Tray Installation Instructions

Keyboard Tray Installation Instructions

We recommend you read through the instructions once before diving in.

You’ll need a few tools:

  • a drill
  • 1/8-inch drill bit
  • Philips screwdriver
  • 3/8-inch wrench (pilers will work in a pinch)
  • ruler / tape measure
  • pencil

1. Take Inventory

In the box you should find:

  1. (1x) Keyboard/Mouse Tray
  2. (1x) Mounting Track
  3. (1x) Arm Mechanism
  4. (6x) Long Screws
  5. (4x) Short Screws
  6. (4x) Nuts
  7. (1x) Adhesive Cable Guide
  8. (4x) Adhesive Grip Squares
  9. (1x) Front Track Stop

NOTE: The Mounting Track will come attached to the Arm Mechanism. Slide them apart to proceed with installation. Heads up! There’s a bit of grease on these parts for smooth operation.

2. Install the Mounting Track

  1. Place the Track underneath your desk, with the notched end facing towards your chair, 1.75 inches from the front edge of your desk. You’ll most likely want to align the Track with the center of your chair/computer monitor.
  2. Mark the location of the six holes on the underside of your desk; two at the front, two in the middle and two at the rear. (You can ignore that extra larger hole in the Track.)
  3. Set aside the Track, then pre-drill the 6 holes you marked 5/8 inches deep with the 1/8-inch drill bit on the underside of your desk. Be careful you don’t drill all the way through your desk!
  4. Secure the Track to the underside of your desk using (4) Long Screws. Use the holes at the middle and rear of the track. Do not screw into the front pair of holes at this time.

Advanced user tip: If you wish to use The King at the maximum height above your work surface you will need to mount the Track 1/2 inch from the front of the end of the desk. You will gain another 1.5 inches of height. Please note: The Tray will not store flush under your desk when mounted this way (which may be just fine with you).

3. Attach the Arm Mechanism and Front Track Stop

  1. Slide the Arm into the Track (as it was when you took it out of the box), then swivel it to the side so it is out of your way.
  2. Take the Front Track Stop and place the flat surface against the underside of your desk, then slide it into the front of the Track. The holes of the Front Track Stop will line up with your pre-drilled holes.
  3. Secure the Front Track Stop using the remaining (2) Long Screws.

4. Attach the Keyboard/Mouse Tray

  1. Swivel the arm back around so that it is facing you, and pull it all the way out until it bumps against the Front Track Stop.
  2. Hold the Tray on top of the square bracket of the Arm and line up the four holes. NOTE: A dust flap extends from the Arm Mechanism; make sure it is tucked underneath the Tray before attaching.
  3. Take the (4) Short Screws through the top of the Tray and secure them underneath with the (4) Nuts to the square bracket of the Arm. Use the wrench and screwdriver to tighten.

5. Optional Accessories

  1. Place the (4) Adhesive Grip Squares over the screws on the top of the Tray.
  2. Place the Adhesive Cable Guide under your desk so that it directs your keyboard cord out of the way of your legs.