Keyboard Tray Usage

Keyboard Tray Usage

How to move The King

The King Keyboard Tray slides smoothly and silently front to back on its Teflon track. Two hands are recommended for easy movement. The King is engineered to require the least amount of force possible to adjust while staying in place during use.

To adjust the height of The King, lift up on the front of the tray with both hands allowing it to move freely up and down. Adjust the tray vertically, then let go and it will stay in place.

How to position The King: 5 Simple Steps for Better Ergonomics

Using your computer ergonomically simply means interacting with the hardware (the mouse, the monitor, the keyboard) in such a way that doesn’t put unwanted strain on your body.

Follow these simple steps to apply ergonomics to how you use The King.


Get your keyboard off your desk

Since you’re here at The King, you’ve already heeded this bit of advice. Kudos to you!

Use your keyboard just above your lap

In a seated position, when in use your keyboard should be just above the top of your legs so that your elbows open up to a 90 degree angle or wider.

When your forearms are raised up above your elbows to reach your keyboard you put strain on all sorts of muscles.

Adjust the tray to a negative tilt

You’ll likely do this just once and be set.

To adjust the tilt of the tray, loosen the knob, adjust the tray, then tighten again. (You won’t use the knob for anything else.) The pointer next to the knob will show you what degree of tilt you have adjusted to. A negative tilt is recommended for proper ergonomics.

We’re all used to the top of the keyboard (the F1-F12 keys) being a little higher than the bottom (the spacebar). There are even small feet attached that increase the steepness of this angle. Unfortunately this is not good for our bodies, ergonomically speaking.

Instead, adjust The King so that the top of the keyboard is lower than the front. This will keep your wrists in the proper neutral position, eliminating wrist strain.

This position will feel unfamiliar at first, but it’s absolutely worth the adjustment.

Keep your mouse as close to your keyboard as possible

With The King’s integrated mouse platform, this has already been taken care of for you.

The shorter the distance you have to reach to grasp your mouse, the better.

Use your gel wrist rest for resting only

Avoid letting your wrists fall onto the gel rest while typing. The objective is to minimize repeated bending up and down, extension and flexion. Instead, keep your wrists in a neutral position where the tops of your forearms and the tops of your hands form an even plane.

The gel rest is best used as a nice comfortable surface to rest your palms during a quick break.