Frequently Asked Questions


  • What makes The King so durable?

    The King Keyboard Tray is constructed out of high quality materials to be dependable and rugged, lasting for years (and years, and years). We’re talking tough stuff like steel and industrial strength Phenolic plastic.

  • What makes The King Keyboard Tray slide so smoothly?

    The Track is steel with a Teflon™ coating for silent movement. A lubricant is also used to help the components move smoothly. (Don’t worry, you’ll never have to regrease it.)


  • What are measurements of the Keyboard/Mouse Tray?

    The King’s Keyboard/Mouse Tray measures 27″ across and 11″ deep at its widest points. The maximum available space for your keyboard, considering the gel palm rest, is 8.25″ deep.

  • What are the measurements of the Mounting Track (the piece that attaches under my desk)?

    The Mounting Track measures 21″ long and it is 5.5″ wide.

  • How will The King affect the leg room available under my desk?

    The King’s low profile design and precise height adjustment provide a minimal impact on your leg room.

    In the stored position under your desk, the minimum vertical space used by The King is 2″ in the front and gradually increases to 4.25″ at the back.

  • How far can I tilt The King Keyboard Tray?

    The one and only knob on The King enables precision adjustments up to plus or minus 15-degrees.

  • What is the distance The King will extend above or below my work surface?

    The King is an adjustable keyboard tray that will adjust to 1″ above the Mounting Track. Additionally, The King will adjust to 5.5″ below the Mounting Track. The thickness of your desk will determine how these dimensions are relative to your actual working surface.

    Advanced user tip: If you wish to use The King at the maximum height above your work surface you will need to mount the Track 1/2″ from the front of the end of the desk. You will gain another 1.5″ of height. Please note: The Tray will not store flush under your desk when mounted this way (which may be just fine with you).

  • What is the maximum distance The King will extend in front of my desk?

    The King extends a maximum 14″ from the front of the desk to the front of the Keyboard/Mouse Tray.

  • What is the length of the Long Screws that attach the track to my desk?

    The screws are a #10 wood screw and are 3/4″ from the base of the head of the screw to the tip.

  • What is the recommended thickness of my desk?

    Your desk should be at least 1″ thick and made of a sturdy, solid material (preferably wood).


  • Is The King Keyboard Tray quiet to operate?

    Definitely. The Track is steel with a Teflon® coating for silent movement. A lubricant is also used to help the components move smoothly. (Don’t worry, you’ll never have to regrease it.)

  • How do I use The King Keyboard Tray?

    Visit our How to Use page to learn more.

  • Can The King function as a corner keyboard tray?

    Yes, the 21″ Track on The King works perfectly for corner desk situations. The King’s wide range of motion allows you to sit comfortably in a corner and extend The King keyboard tray to where you need it.

  • Is The King an ergonomic keyboard tray?

    Ergonomics is The King’s middle name. To configure your King properly check out the How to Use page.

  • Can I clean the gel rest?

    The gel rest is covered in breathable, washable silky Lycra™. (Just use a little soap and water.)

  • Is The King Keyboard Tray available for left-handed people as well?

    Absolutely. There are mousing surfaces on both the left and right side of The King.

  • Can I order The King Keyboard Tray without the gel rest attached?

    Sure! If your keyboard has an included wrist rest or you are using a mousing solution beneath your spacebar, you may need to use The King without the gel rest. To specify this with your order, simply let us know in the notes field of your cart and we will make the adjustment when your order comes through. The wrist rest will ship unattached in the box so you can attach it later if you wish.

  • Does The King work with standing desks?

    You bet! The King takes a stand against sitting all day. As long as your desktop meets our recommendations, you're good to go.


  • What does Free Shipping include?

    The King is shipped regular ground and carried by FedEx or UPS. Please keep in mind this means we cannont ship to a P.O. Box. Our free shipping offer only applies for ground shipping to the lower 48 States in the USA. (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii.) We currently utilize a third-party shipping distribution center based in Florida.

  • Do you offer shipping faster than Ground?

    Unfortunately, we do not.

  • Do you ship to Canada, Mexico, or anywhere other than the lower 48 states?

    Unfortunately, we do not at this time.

Returns / Warranty

  • Can I return The King if it’s not right for me?

    We are happy to accept your return if you are not completely satisfied. To make a return please review our return policy first.

  • Does The King come with a warranty?

    Yes! The King is backed by a 5 year warranty.


  • Does a computer keyboard and/or mouse come with it?

    No, they do not. You can see exactly what is included in the box on the Installation Instructions.

  • Is there a physical location where I can buy or see The King?

    No, at this time we do not have a physical location for The King.

  • Is The King on Twitter?

    Naturally. Follow @keyboardtray for updates.