Dispelling The Big Three Myths About Keyboard Trays

The marvels of modern day have brought with it a myriad of conveniences, which serve to make our lives easier and help make us more productive individuals. One of these small but powerful conveniences is the keyboard underdesk drawer. Installed out of sight, under your desk or workstation, a keyboard underdesk drawer can make you more efficient at work, while preventing pain as a result of stress on your joints and muscles.

There are several reasons why people endure the pain caused by a repetitive strain injury, most of which are no longer applicable, at least not to The King. The King Keyboard Tray packs a powerful punch in the workplace, providing a number of benefits to its users with none of the drawbacks. Let’s eradicate some of these tall tales, shall we?

Poor Adjustment

There are a variety of entry-level, barebones keyboard underdesk drawers available on the market, and some of them leave a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth when they realize that its range of motion is incredibly limited.

One of the primary reasons why people choose a keyboard underdesk drawer is the ability to adjust it so that it falls in line with the natural positioning of your wrist and hands when you place them on the keyboard. So, it stands to reason that the device you purchase should do exactly that.

No Room For Mr. Mouse

What would we do without a mouse these days? The idea of a keyboard underdesk drawer that leaves no space for a mouse simply defies logic. Whether you’re purchasing the keyboard underdesk drawer to clear your workspace of clutter or improve your ergonomic situation, without a place for the mouse, the device renders itself obsolete. The King not only has space for the mouse, but room to breathe. With a large enough surface area to avoid overshadowing the keyboard underdesk drawer, The King shines with the addition of a gel wrist guard to support your wrists and prevent common ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Limited Leg Clearance

Luckily, with The King you don’t have to worry about some of the more common problems posed by a keyboard underdesk drawer. Oftentimes, the installation of a keyboard underdesk drawer can mean less space available under your workstation, which means problems for taller users. This is not the case with The King, with its incredibly low profile design, it stays out of the way of your knees and lets you work without you having to run interference.

Smart consumers make savvy investments and investing in you yields the biggest return. Don’t sell yourself short. Buy The King.