Adjustable Keyboard Trays: What to Look For

Conducting a quick search on Google for adjustable keyboard trays will yield a little over one million results. With that much information available online, how is the savvy consumer supposed to make a decision as to which device is best for them?

An adjustable keyboard tray can dramatically improve the ergonomics of your workstation and increase your overall physical wellbeing while safeguarding you against injuries in the future.

Have you ever experienced that crick in your neck or throbbing in your wrists and forearms after an extended period of time at your desk? You are not alone. In fact, 70% of office workers claim to experience aches and pains of some sort.

In 2002, a study was conducted in a call center in Australia. After the staff received some quick counseling on the proper way to use their adjustable keyboard trays as well as maintaining the proper posture, the number of employees experience pain was reduced by more than 80%.

As we noted above, there are a great deal of options available when it comes to shopping for adjustable keyboard trays. So, what should you be looking for?

Wrist Support

Ensure that the adjustable keyboard tray you are considering has adequate wrist support. Your wrists need to be supported so that they form almost a ninety-degree angle with your desk. Gel supports are highly recommended as they allow for flexibility. The King can be ordered with or without a gel wrist support.

Keyboard Tilt

Quality adjustable keyboard trays should be able to recline your keyboard so that it is leaning towards you. This helps support your wrists natural resting position and takes the strain off your joints. The King allows for a fifteen degree tilt forward or backward, so your arms and wrists are always at the perfect angle.

Height Adjustable

Some keyboard trays offer only a standard height adjustment that makes allowances for people of average height and body type. The height adjustment feature of adjustable keyboard trays is perhaps the most important component. Depending on the height of your chair, how far your knees are away from the tray and the length of your arms, the arm of the tray should adjust to your particular frame and build.

You’ll quickly find that all adjustable keyboard trays were not created equal. A barebones model will probably leave you with the same aches and pains as not having used one at all. You can’t go wrong with a quality, durable solution like The King that has all of the benefits mentioned above. Eliminating the aches and pains of your workday is well worth the investment.