Give a Great Gift for Administrative Professionals Day

April 25 of this year marks the 60th anniversary of Administrative Professionals Day and kicks off a week of appreciation for the people who keep businesses running smoothly. While their tasks have changed over the decades, administrative professionals continue to be the reliable employees who make sure the work gets done, and gets done right.

Administrative Professionals Week is an opportunity to show your appreciation for the professionals you depend on to keep your customers happy, your electronic communications up-to-date, your billing accurate, and everything else that makes it easier for you to do your job. Here's your chance to say, "Thanks for a job well done" with more than words.

As with all gifts, your gifts to your administrative professionals should:

  • Reflect the nature of your relationship;

  • Fit the occasion;

  • Be something the other person will like; and

  • Carry just the right value.

Flowers, Plants, and Gift Baskets

Flowers have long been the gift of choice for office associates. Even today flowers are a fine choice, but if you always give flowers you might want to think of a variation on the flower theme, like a terrarium, a lucky bamboo plant, or a gift basket.

Through the Gift Basket Network, you can order unique gift baskets for hand delivery. Edible Arrangements look like flowers but they are actually creatively arranged fruits and candies that can be delivered to the office.

Time and Money

If you ask a working person what he or she needs more of, the answer is likely to be either time or money—or both. You can't go wrong by offering extra time off—an hour, an afternoon, a day—whatever fits with your organization.

Money is a great gift, of course, but it's a little tricky because you are already paying for the employee's services. This is where you need to check with the norms and policies of your organization. If you can give cash (or a bonus or a raise) that's great. If you can't give money, give a gift card instead.


The King Keyboard Tray is an ergonomic keyboard tray attaches to a desk, making it easy to adjust the height and tilt of the keyboard. It's a great way to work more comfortably and avoid injury.

Hobbies and Interests

If you know your employees' taste in books or music, surprise them with the latest releases from their favorite artists. For the sports enthusiasts, give day passes for a ski resort, a round of golf, or a kayak rental.

Depending on their hobbies and interests, your administrative professionals might like:

  • Tickets to the theatre or to a concert;

  • A gift certificate to a day spa, plus the afternoon off to enjoy it; or

  • Magazine subscriptions.

Electronic Gifts

If you know your assistant is waiting for the right time to buy the latest phone or e-reader, make it a surprise for Administrative Professionals Day. Just make sure it can be exchanged in case you don't get the right version.

For Families

Think about fun activities for your admin professionals who have young families, like:

  • Tickets to an amusement park

  • An afternoon of miniature golf

  • Membership at the children's museum (or passes for a day)

  • Gift cards for the movies

Everyone Likes to Eat

If you and your administrative professionals enjoy spending time together, a long lunch at a special restaurant might be a treat for them. But spending time with the boss (or with co-workers) isn't everyone's idea of a good time. Consider giving gift certificates for a great local place and extra time for lunch.

Just for Fun has a great array of fun gifts to lighten up the day. Here are just a few:

Most of All, Don't Forget

Administrative professionals are doing the jobs managers used to do. No 21st century organization can do without them.

Show your appreciation with gifts that show you know how important they are. It doesn't have to be big or expensive, just don't forget that the last week of April is Administrative Professionals Day and a gift is in order.